Friday, 29 April 2011

A sissy Slaves Diary and Video Clips Sumbmissive: An essay written by my Sissy Slut about a Naughty ...

A sissy Slaves Diary and Video Clips Sumbmissive: An essay written by my Sissy Slut about a Naughty ...: "A day in the life of a Sissy Boy who wants to be a girl serving his Highest Boss Lady AKA Mistress Evil. *Britney came today for her first ..."

An essay written by my Sissy Slut about a Naughty New Sissy slave.

A day in the life of a Sissy Boy who wants to be a girl serving his Highest Boss Lady AKA Mistress Evil.

*Britney came today for her first lesson with Boss Lady AKA Mistress Evil and I knew immediately as soon as I saw her Mistress would not be happy. Boss Lady always warns Sissy Girls to come with no makeup on their face and here was *Sissy Girl Britney* with a face full of makeup.
Once I had ushered Britney into Mistress  Room, I waited outside with my ear to the door heart beating at the thought of Mistress Evil catching me, I heard Mistress ask *Sissy Girl Britney* if she remembered what she had told her about wearing makeup.
I was taken aback when I heard Britney reply with YES BUT I DON’T LIKE COMING OUT WITHOUT MAKEUP.

Mistress  repeated her question and warned Britney to think about her answer before replying, at this Britney sensed that she had annoyed Mistress and humbly replied with *I am sorry Mistress Evil I am a very naughty Sissy Slut and I will not disobey your Highest Self again.
Mistress  rung the bell which meant she required my services
Mistress  instructed me to take off Britney’s make up with a dry cloth and not to dare using any type of lotion, she wanted every last bit of it off, I as a humble house slave, detest the thought of causing another Sissy Girl pain, but I didn’t dare to disobey Mistress. So I started gently trying to remove Sissy Girl Britney’s makeup, Mistress  got so angry when she noticed that I wasn’t doing a very good job and grabbed the cloth from my trembling hands and get me an unexpected smack in my face, I tried  not to cry not because it hurt, but because I was emotionally hurt that Mistress would humiliate me in front of another Sissy Girl like that, she then told me to sit on the floor with my legs crossed and watch how to remove the makeup. Mistress took approx. 3 minutes to remove the traces of makeup from Sissy girl Britney’s face, leaving her skin red raw her eyes looked like they were about to bleed.
Mistress  then instructed Sissy Girl Britney to undress slowly so she could see what she had on under her hideous bright pink clothes, Sissy Girl Britney slowly peeled off until she had on only her French knickers and bra, her skin was silky smooth just like mine and I envied the shapely toned legs she had that seemed to go on forever. Mistress must of caught me admiring Sissy Girl Britney and told me to get my maids dress off as well, which I did in an instant not wanting to Upset Mistress Boss Lady.
Once I was fully naked Mistress  told Britney to li
lie to flat on her back on the floor and then ordered for me to lie next to her. We lay there for a while whilst Mistress  just stood gazing down at us, Eventually Mistress Said “ What a pretty little pair of Sissy Sluts I have laid naked before me” at this I was so happy that she called me pretty, it isn’t very often Boss Lady pays a compliment so when she does I feel like my heart is going to burst with excitement.
Mistress  then ordered me to get up and straddle Sissy girl Britney, Britney looked a little startled at this, I think deep down she was hoping that Mistress  would straddle her herself, but Mistress  was punishing her for wearing make up to her appointment.
Sissy Girl Britney must have been turned on when I straddled her silky smooth body because her penis started standing up, this was going to be another punishment for Britney, because Mistress  didn’t permit her to get aroused, at that Mistress  grabbed hold of Britney’s penis and said sissy girls don’t have penis’s they have pussys, at this she lifted her tight pvc skirt and showed off her neat little cute pussy, she opened her legs wider and crouched down over Britney’s face just inches away from him she said look at what a beautiful pussy Mistress  has got and to my surprise Britney cheekily released his tongue and raised his head to try and get get a taste of Mistress  Beautiful Pussy. Mistress  lifted herself swiftly and dug her heel into Britneys chest and told her Naughty disobedient Sissy Girls don’t get to taste my pussy, I like my sissy girls well trained before they get a taste, at this she moved over towards me and before I knew it she was straddling my face, her pussy straight over my mouth, I was in ecstacy, Boss Lady only rewards the good  little Sissy girls with the taste of her Sweet Beautiful Pussy, a mixture of surprise, excitement and total sexual excitement came over me, whilst I wiggled my tongue in every corner of Mistress  Pussy, Mistress  was telling me what a good little Sissy Girl I was and to make sure that I make her come in less than 3 minutes, I wanted her wet pussy in my mouth forever, I started feeling the throbbing of her insides as she gyrated her pussy full force over my face, then suddenly she started telling me Mistress  is about to cum, at this I was half disappointed because I wanted it to last forever but pleased because I was pleasing Mistress . Then suddenly Mistress let out a huge evil laugh and her hot cum was trickling over my wriggling tongue.
Once Mistress  have finished emptying her pussy juice into my mouth she told me to get on all 4’s, then told Britney to get behind me and start licking my Sissy Slut arse, this isn’t something that Mistress  would normally have Sissy Girls do, but again it was her punishment to Britney.
As I felt Britneys Tongue feather next to my bum hole, I started getting so turned on, it was like I was in a haze of ecstasy, the only problem was my penis was getting erect and this was going to get me in deep trouble with Mistress .
It wasn’t long before Mistress  noticed my tiny erect penis and infuriated she made Britney stop licking my arse hole and told us to reverse positions…………Back soon x